Urheilija – anna äänesi kuulua ja osallistu IHF:n ja IOC:n kyselyyn

IHF ja kansainvälinen olympiakomitea (IOC) ovat laatineet kyselyn, johon toivovat mahdollisimman monen urheilijan vastaavan. Alla IHF:n kirje asiasta.

We need your help understanding the issues most important to you.

The Athlete Charter of Rights and Responsibilities aims to support the needs of elite athletes. The right to compete in a clean competition. The right to be protected from any form of discrimination. The right to a transparent selection process.  And many more.

Make sure your voice is heard by completing the survey here: https://www.olympic.org/athlete365/athletecharter/

You have a unique opportunity to say what matters to you and to take part in what aims to become the biggest athlete-driven initiative in history! Don’t miss it!

This worldwide survey will help shape the Athlete Charter by defining athletes’ rights and responsibilities. The project is led by a 20-strong athlete Steering Committee assembled by the International Olympic Committee Athletes’ Commission.

Please encourage your fellow athletes to complete the survey by sharing the Athlete Charter posts on your social media channels, using the hashtags #sharemyvoice and #athletecharter.

Contribute to a legacy that will support you and future generations of athletes. Share your voice!